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Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
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The Breast Cancer Wave Motion Research is Published!

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Carline Lutynski


Wave Motion as a Stress Intervention Method for Stage II and Stage III Breast Cancer Survivors. Lutynski C, Lee-Baldassini S, Briones L, et al. Alt Comp Ther December 2012. 301-308.

Finally after 6 years the data results are displayed and discussed in the Alternative and Complementary Therapy Journal December 2012 issue (18)!

Our study was under UConn Health Center from 2006 to 2010,  Waterbury Hospital since 2010; to distribute brochures and flyers to tri-state hospitals, cancer centers and support groups. We welcomed participants aboard between June to late October.

We wish to thank the following for their contributions:

  • Our anonymous corporate donors,
  • KomenCT, SubVets,
  • Troutman Rocking Chairs,
  • Phelps Dodge,
  • Mark Clymer,
  • Marge Cohen,
  • Daniella Daskum,
  • Ron Willert, and
  • community contributors,

who helped make it happen.

Our Research Team:

Principle Investigator:  Scott Kurtzman MD FACS Chairman of Surgery Waterbury Hospital

Co-Investigators: Leah Briones MD Plainfield Walk-in Medical Center, Suzanne Lee Baldassini LCSW Smilow Yale New Haven, Carline Lutynski MS PEMA Study Coordinator

Capt. Joy Sherman kindly let us charter her Pearson Alberg sailboat, HADO– which means “Energy”, for our program for the entire research program.

We used Profile of Mood States and a Visual Analog Scale to monitor the therapy effectiveness, before and after the 1 hour session, then compared the results to other stress reduction studies. Our results were on par with a therapeutic massage and 4 months psychotherapeutic intervention from just a single one hour session aboard.

Thanks to all who participated, gave data, opinions, and valuable comments we are now planning to make the therapy available to women of all stages diagnosis. Free, no study questionnaires; just come aboard and relax as the women did during the research- and still get a post-session snack on the back deck before going home.

860.889.3424 for further info.