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Gift Ideas for Breast Cancer Women for the Holidays2

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Carline Lutynski


*Terry Robe- preferrably cotton, white. People need to know that when treatment starts, cotton robes become our battle dress uniform. Sweaty hot, cold-cold, just wanting to curl up and let the days roll by on the battle field very hunkered down in one’s own foxhole with a sign attached saying (something-something) ’til it’s over! Washable, gives comfort, pockets for on-hand necessities.

*Gentle body shampoo Get the best recommendations from the oncologist and or oncology nurse. May be unscented as scents may be overwhelming.

*Coloring book and crayons Something simple, simple skills, something that can be shared with any children present

*Whistle/Bell She’s camped in there, you’re here- how does she get in touch? Surely you can endure a little toot-toot as an aide-de-camp on this mission of wellness.

*Make flash cards of what she needs Sometimes she seems lost for words, and you’re supposed to read her mind? Her needs are simple. Make a list with her, add “just a hug”, “sit with me a moment”, etc. so all she has to do is go “yes” or “no”.

*Books that absorb, but not too erudite, violent or sad preferably paperbacks

Bored, bored, bored! TV programs can feel grim, too violent. Sometimes Barney the Dinosaur/ Tele Tubbies seem just right. Drop a paper backĀ  or roll on it, and it won’t break.– Uncle Wiggly to Harry Potter -where the good guys always triumph

*CD/DVD player, soothing CDs, soothing or favorite DVDs

Ditto from above. Remember, non-violent, happy ending. Music that’s soothing; save the jangly stuff for after recovery.

*Coupons to rent or gift of a DVD service Professional helpers, a gift that keeps giving!

* Sorbets Soft on the palette, healthy

*Frozen fruit popsicles When all she can tolerate is ice chips, these save the day!

*Ice creams Or if dairy intolerant, consider rice or coconut or almond frozen treats. Again, soft on the palette, healthy

*Homemaker Temp if she has a spouse When it’s really hard for her to do it all, and her spouse is her caregiver, this helps him help her.

*Stuffed animal Are one who likes to give those cute, cuddly things?- keep it about the size of a loaf. Any smaller, sleeping on it may happen- an uncomfortable situation; any larger- and it becomes one more over whelming thing to deal with…………..

*Coupon for a Personal Chef Nice to have someone else to spoil you with cooking- can be very healing!

*Nanny Temp if she has young children Children need a little spoiling in this difficult time and some good memories to share of caring

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