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Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
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Hey You Vets!

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Carline Lutynski

What’s New! You other fighters, Vets, you guys and gals, that need that level of relaxation.

Again, still the deep deep down relaxation, while like lying on a cloud.

Our study group noticed it lessened level of pain/physical discomfort; for those with physical discomfort, see what it can do for you. And its free.

  • For info on the program call Del Function 860.889.3424


Gift Ideas for Breast Cancer Women for the Holidays2

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Carline Lutynski


*Terry Robe- preferrably cotton, white. People need to know that when treatment starts, cotton robes become our battle dress uniform. Sweaty hot, cold-cold, just wanting to curl up and let the days roll by on the battle field very hunkered down in one’s own foxhole with a sign attached saying (something-something) ’til it’s over! Washable, gives comfort, pockets for on-hand necessities.

*Gentle body shampoo Get the best recommendations from the oncologist and or oncology nurse. May be unscented as scents may be overwhelming.

*Coloring book and crayons Something simple, simple skills, something that can be shared with any children present

*Whistle/Bell She’s camped in there, you’re here- how does she get in touch? Surely you can endure a little toot-toot as an aide-de-camp on this mission of wellness.

*Make flash cards of what she needs Sometimes she seems lost for words, and you’re supposed to read her mind? Her needs are simple. Make a list with her, add “just a hug”, “sit with me a moment”, etc. so all she has to do is go “yes” or “no”.

*Books that absorb, but not too erudite, violent or sad preferably paperbacks

Bored, bored, bored! TV programs can feel grim, too violent. Sometimes Barney the Dinosaur/ Tele Tubbies seem just right. Drop a paper back  or roll on it, and it won’t break.– Uncle Wiggly to Harry Potter -where the good guys always triumph

*CD/DVD player, soothing CDs, soothing or favorite DVDs

Ditto from above. Remember, non-violent, happy ending. Music that’s soothing; save the jangly stuff for after recovery.

*Coupons to rent or gift of a DVD service Professional helpers, a gift that keeps giving!

* Sorbets Soft on the palette, healthy

*Frozen fruit popsicles When all she can tolerate is ice chips, these save the day!

*Ice creams Or if dairy intolerant, consider rice or coconut or almond frozen treats. Again, soft on the palette, healthy

*Homemaker Temp if she has a spouse When it’s really hard for her to do it all, and her spouse is her caregiver, this helps him help her.

*Stuffed animal Are one who likes to give those cute, cuddly things?- keep it about the size of a loaf. Any smaller, sleeping on it may happen- an uncomfortable situation; any larger- and it becomes one more over whelming thing to deal with…………..

*Coupon for a Personal Chef Nice to have someone else to spoil you with cooking- can be very healing!

*Nanny Temp if she has young children Children need a little spoiling in this difficult time and some good memories to share of caring

Check Back for a More Descriptive Page to Come!


The Breast Cancer Wave Motion Research is Published!

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Carline Lutynski


Wave Motion as a Stress Intervention Method for Stage II and Stage III Breast Cancer Survivors. Lutynski C, Lee-Baldassini S, Briones L, et al. Alt Comp Ther December 2012. 301-308.

Finally after 6 years the data results are displayed and discussed in the Alternative and Complementary Therapy Journal December 2012 issue (18)!

Our study was under UConn Health Center from 2006 to 2010,  Waterbury Hospital since 2010; to distribute brochures and flyers to tri-state hospitals, cancer centers and support groups. We welcomed participants aboard between June to late October.

We wish to thank the following for their contributions:

  • Our anonymous corporate donors,
  • KomenCT, SubVets,
  • Troutman Rocking Chairs,
  • Phelps Dodge,
  • Mark Clymer,
  • Marge Cohen,
  • Daniella Daskum,
  • Ron Willert, and
  • community contributors,

who helped make it happen.

Our Research Team:

Principle Investigator:  Scott Kurtzman MD FACS Chairman of Surgery Waterbury Hospital

Co-Investigators: Leah Briones MD Plainfield Walk-in Medical Center, Suzanne Lee Baldassini LCSW Smilow Yale New Haven, Carline Lutynski MS PEMA Study Coordinator

Capt. Joy Sherman kindly let us charter her Pearson Alberg sailboat, HADO– which means “Energy”, for our program for the entire research program.

We used Profile of Mood States and a Visual Analog Scale to monitor the therapy effectiveness, before and after the 1 hour session, then compared the results to other stress reduction studies. Our results were on par with a therapeutic massage and 4 months psychotherapeutic intervention from just a single one hour session aboard.

Thanks to all who participated, gave data, opinions, and valuable comments we are now planning to make the therapy available to women of all stages diagnosis. Free, no study questionnaires; just come aboard and relax as the women did during the research- and still get a post-session snack on the back deck before going home.

860.889.3424 for further info.


Q: What Do You Give Breast Cancer Women for the Holidays?

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Carline Lutynski

Q: What Do You Give Breast Cancer Women for the Holidays?

A: A place to relax!

The great guys helping to provide that place are listed under Sponsors, and we are still looking for a year-round boat. Pass the word, if you would please, that if some is thinking of donating their boat, suggest they give us a call: 

860.889.3424 or email:

Oh? You want a Gift List? Stay Tuned and we will help you with a list!


Check Out Our Missionfish Page!

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Carline Lutynski

We’ve been on Missionfish for a number of years-since we’ve started our study. Artists selling on eBay have chosen us for some of their sales.

Check out our page- and if you are inspired to do something for breast cancer, the Donate Now button is at your finger tips.

Remember all our programs are free for breast cancer women: anyone who has fought breast cancer has paid enough!


Dime Bank Foundation awards Del Function

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Carline Lutynski

(Norwich, CT) — Del Function received a Dime Bank Foundation grant for breast cancer survivors to relax and reduce their stress aboard the sailboat Valiant which will be located at American Wharf Marina in the Norwich harbor. The 1 hour relaxation sessions are complimentary to Connecticut area women regardless of stage of cancer, recurrence or type of treatment.  Final stage breast cancer women may use wave motion for its benefits of restful sleep and discomfort reduction.

Sessions will be held Monday through Friday, June through October 2010. At least one group of 4 women will be accommodated daily. The therapy will be available in fair and rainy weather. The sailboat remains dockside for easy access in boarding and exit for any necessities.

The women will experience the benefits of stress reduction using wave motion therapy as studied under UConn Health Center and Waterbury Hospital. This form of relaxation has proved comparable to the effect of yoga, therapeutic massage and mediation techniques without their limitations.

“Del Function is providing a much needed service to our community and Dime Bank Foundation is pleased and proud to support a relaxing and beneficial environment for women battling breast cancer,” said Dime president Jim Cronin.

About Dime Bank Foundation


In 1998, Dime Bank established the Dime Foundation; enabling the bank to support and give back to the communities it serves, providing funding for charitable, cultural, literary, scientific and educational non-profit organizations. The foundation accepts applications on a year-round basis. The board reviews requests quarterly. For more information on Dime Bank, please visit us at and click on the Foundation link.

See our new Relaxation Aboard page for the program brochure


For all you breast cancer survivors!

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Carline Lutynski

Since August 2006 breast cancer women have come down to Westbrook from all over Connecticut and enjoyed relaxing aboard and reducing their stress. Stay tuned to see what is coming up for all stages and free and just relaxing aboard. Collie Lutynski


New website

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Welcome to our new website! It is more interactive, where you will find the latest up-to-the-minute news and be able to leave feedback.