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Going To The Next Level

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Carline Lutynski

A fundraiser to expand service, make available to survivors of other cancers. Pediatric cancer survivors may like this therapy too. We’ll need the next size up to have additional berths (beds) , and make easier to pick a date to get that relief that some attendees called “8 hours of sleep in 1 hour”.

One Metastatic, Lung and Brain, told us after her therapy what it did for her. “Peace”. She said, then paused as if to clarify it, “Deep peace”. She came back two years later and was tired in the extreme; needed full support just getting aboard. In 1 hour’s time, she perked up; and when stepping onto the dock, she ran ahead of me- her cane going tick, tick, tick! Then ran up the ramp at the same speed to the parking lot! Definitely 8 hours of sleep-maybe more. Come on down to the Black Tie to keep this energy available. CJL