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The First Cell by Azra Raza: Cancer Researchers View

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Carline Lutynski

Just when you think that physicians and/or researchers, are clueless (understanding your/patient’s feelings, the diagnosis, bedside manner), this will cure that notion.  I had to pause at least five times to get through it. but what will draw you in is that she is talking the newest of the new ideas on research, and plain talking the overview on cancer research itself.

Be prepared to put the book down, and gird up to read more.

For those who donate, it is an eye opener.

For those who ask, what it means for Del Function’s Therapy program:

We’re still good. She’s into Treatment; we’re Post-Treatment. It’s still a jungle after Treatment, and not everybody can do exercise, horseback riding, or feel comfortable about meditation and yoga. And Metastatic survivors living with battlefield stress.

We tip our hat to Azra Raza