Precious Passage

Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast Cancer Ribbon

Dates for Coming Aboard

We are still working on it, and will shout out the dates ASAP!

It’s just as tight in marinas during this time. Some won’t let any boat tie-up if they arrive by sea; just as unbearable for those quarantined aboard.

When someone has cancer, sometimes the need for relief is so great, that a boat does not need a pretty face, but its interior be clean, and an available therapy berth with clean and neat blankets and mattresses. I’ve been there, when there was no therapy- and there was none for my mother back in 1985 during her third and last bout with cancer.

The therapy, according to the research reported in 2012, offer/satisfy the longing for relief, healthy sleep, and a little more boost of energy.

If you want to get on a list to be notified to first moment a boat available, you may call: (860) 889-3424.

For for safety, we use the time best to come aboard- and one can feel like a real salty sailor stepping aboard like a real pro. A real selfie moment!


Collie J

Program Director