Precious Passage

Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast Cancer Ribbon

Dates for Coming Aboard

Stay Tuned – Hopefully Before The 4th of July For 2022 Boarding Dates

This is what we said last year, just so you could seeĀ  what we had then. We’ll try to get Lizzy Louise. if not, another perhaps just as nice. Call if you are curious. 860.889.3424. CL

We said that when someone has cancer, sometimes the need for relief is so great, that a boat does not need a pretty face, but its interior be clean, and an available therapy berth with clean and neat blankets and mattresses.

Last year’s Lizzy Louise was already a pretty face with a most excellent interior, time to enjoy her is short until Summer 2022:

The therapy, according to the research reported in 2012, offer/satisfy the longing for relief, healthy sleep, and a little more boost of energy.

If you want to get what this therapy has to offer, give me a call. After the 1st, call to get on a list for Summer 2022 to be notified the first moment a boat available, you may call: (860) 889-3424 .

For extra safety, we used a boat with a Walk-Aboard Aft/Transom, stepping right from the dock onto the boat. One can feel like a real salty sailor stepping aboard like a real pro. A real selfie moment!

Remember, if you want “talk therapy”, we can refer you a support group; we’re pretty quiet here.


Collie J

Program Director