Precious Passage

Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast Cancer Ribbon

Dates for Coming Aboard

I think KATHY is a Silverton 40. The back deck is so big that we could fit a loft apartment in it. The one like KATHY was on Brewers Safe Harbor Greenport, LI. Broker’s Page. KATHY is Bimini-less but looks like and older sister

Oct 14th 10:25 am;   30th, 11:15 am

After October, we will need heartier boats than KATHY.

We will be scouting for possible boats to step-in on a as needed basis.

When someone has cancer, sometimes the need for relief is so great, that a boat does not need a pretty face, but its interior be clean, and an available therapy berth with clean and neat blankets and mattresses. I’ve been there, when there was no therapy- the therapy we now offer, which may for you satisfy the longing for relief, healthy sleep, and a little more boost of energy.

Again, to come aboard, call first: (860) 889-3424. The times given are for high tide when the boat will be easier to board. This is river tide. You will see ladders nailed to some of the docks- that’s how far down a person will need to climb down or up. For for safety, we use the time when the dock matches the boat rail- and one can feel like a real salty sailor stepping aboard like a real pro. A real selfie moment!