Precious Passage

Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast Cancer Ribbon
Come Aboard, & Enjoy That “Feel Good” Feeling

“Peace. Deep peace” a Lung & Brain Cancer Survivor said she experienced from enjoying our Breast Cancer Stress Therapy. Like it, because its free, or because of the “Feel Good Feeling” that stays with you after you leave.

If you are a Survivor and at least curious, give me a call at 860.889.3424. If you are interested, you can choose to be offered first choice when the therapy season opens in June 2022 along the CT Shoreline. Really relax from all the Seasonal Holidays that are now upon us. Collie Lutynski

A Stage 1 Breast Cancer Survivor who enjoyed the therapy took this pic: Serenity.

For Donors: you may call me at 860.889.3424. Remember that you would be handing out Serenity. A nice thing to give. Collie Lutynski