Precious Passage

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Location and Directions


The boat is in the Borough of Stonington in a spiffy marina next to a Yacht Club.

That said, there is tight parking and we will ensure each attendee appointment has best parking for to and from the Lizzy Louise.  When you make a date to come down and it is confirmed you will be given instructions on how to proceed.

I hate to admit one person got lost when we were in Brewers with named streets, docks and numbered piers. I don’t want that to happen again to anybody- when you arrive you are owed the expectation of good things to happen- and enjoying them. 

First, enjoy this year’s boat the Lizzy Louise, well worth the trip: Dufour36 with step-aboard aft and twin wheels. Come if only for a selfie at the wheels!

I have this vision of at some point someone or some group will paint pink arrowed lines from the entrance to the parking lot and marina dock.

I can hope.

Collie Lutynski