Precious Passage

Wave Therapy For Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast Cancer Ribbon

Area Cancer Centers and HospitalsThe Point Of Contact (POC) persons who normally would have our stuff are tending to other things first.

Like you, your cancer and making sure your cancer has their best attention.

Read Dr. Kurtzman’s interview to Waterbury Republican American print media. If it is still okay to be on a boat, enjoy yourself. Fortunately, while the boat stays at the shore, it still may give you positive stress relief benefits- and its free. Even in the interior you will be 6′ apart from anyone else on board. It’s not a support group talk therapy- we’re pretty quiet- most fall asleep.

We have a 2021 brochure. Call me to receive it’s PDF by email: 860.889.3424.

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard,

Collie Lutynski

Point Of Contact