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The Norwich Stop & Shop, Town Street has given us the month of November to be a recipient of Giving Bag purchases. Kindly remember this keeps the therapy free to attend, when you find yourself needing an extra bag in which to stuff all those Thanksgiving feast grocery goodies. CL

Peter Isler To Speak at Spring “Running the Race” Event

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Stay tuned for the Date. Watch the races in Palma de Mallorca, especially for the J- boat SVEA. CJL

Hold Your Nov. 2 Tickets for Spring ’20

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Much of a Request for More Time to Get On Board- Now You Have It

Those who are a distance away have been notified of the postponement. The biggest grief is adding another 4-6 months wait for the next level of therapy availability. Spread the word, if you wish to do something for breast cancer. Call for additional info: 860.889.3424. CL

Those missing the Event

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Our tally is coming up short with a few of our favorite people who will be missing this event. They are such a favorite, its hard to know whether we’d rather be there with them if we can’t have them here with us.

One of my colleagues would quip, “Now, that’s just an excuse to throw another party.” Another party with the rest of the troops, and for breast cancer? That works for me. Come back soon and safely.


The First Cell by Azra Raza: Cancer Researchers View

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Just when you think that physicians and/or researchers, are clueless (understanding your/patient’s feelings, the diagnosis, bedside manner), this will cure that notion.  I had to pause at least five times to get through it. but what will draw you in is that she is talking the newest of the new ideas on research, and plain talking the overview on cancer research itself.

Be prepared to put the book down, and gird up to read more.

For those who donate, it is an eye opener.

For those who ask, what it means for Del Function’s Therapy program:

We’re still good. She’s into Treatment; we’re Post-Treatment. It’s still a jungle after Treatment, and not everybody can do exercise, horseback riding, or feel comfortable about meditation and yoga. And Metastatic survivors living with battlefield stress.

We tip our hat to Azra Raza

That New Therapy Facility…

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The first one we rented is gone, sold. The second re-purposed, the third may be sold. First and 3rd were 4-bed; the second, 9 with 4-bed available.

There is a 7-bed +2 Solarium that is ready for upgrade and competitive with new and comparable to cost per session. 18 months to get in service. This event is meant start the 18 month clock.

Feel free to give a hand to get theses cancer survivors their-at-a-notice-feel good-therapy.

You may call at any time: 860.889.3424



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Registration is by dialing 860.889.3424. You’ll be calling the Host Nonprofit organization who will kindly take care of you. You can announce yourself as ‘interested in the Winning the Race Event.

Yes, this is old fashion. When you call, ask for a particular level Seat, and choose your payment for it. This way eliminates any online glitches, etc. and assures attendees their information is safe.

See you there! CJL

CLAMS? What’s that at an Event?

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Well you guys and Gals, you have great tastes in Speakers, and now a chance to hear Peter Isler. The Clam Seats will be few and will require calling by Monday, 5 PM October 28th.

Clam Seating will begin at 7 PM after the Dinner.

Please be registered: 860.889.3424. This is old fashion: you call, ask for a seat, and choose your method of payment for it. This way eliminates any online glitches, etc. and assures attendees their information is safe.

See you there! CJL

Going To The Next Level

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A fundraiser to expand service, make available to survivors of other cancers. Pediatric cancer survivors may like this therapy too. We’ll need the next size up to have additional berths (beds) , and make easier to pick a date to get that relief that some attendees called “8 hours of sleep in 1 hour”.

One Metastatic, Lung and Brain, told us after her therapy what it did for her. “Peace”. She said, then paused as if to clarify it, “Deep peace”. She came back two years later and was tired in the extreme; needed full support just getting aboard. In 1 hour’s time, she perked up; and when stepping onto the dock, she ran ahead of me- her cane going tick, tick, tick! Then ran up the ramp at the same speed to the parking lot! Definitely 8 hours of sleep-maybe more. Come on down to the Black Tie to keep this energy available. CJL

Newest Invitation to Come Aboard!

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NYPD & NYFD 911 Responders!

You are Welcome to Come Aboard!

Deep Relaxation for an hour. Free.

Shoreline East can bring you to Westbrook. Call or email for further Info:

860.889.3424 or

precious_passage at yahoo dot com